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Marcus the Motivator has written an extremely helpful and unsurprisingly motivating book on how to be successful and keep your actions firmly aligned with your goals.  Excited about his new book, we sought to interview him to find out more and Marcus was extremely generous with his time!

Have you always been motivated yourself, or did something happen to shake you up and give you purpose?

I have always found myself quite motivated, I would always be pushing myself to be competitive at different sports whilst growing up, but it wasn’t until a close friend hit a rough patch and I was able to help him through those tough times that I realised that motivating people was my thing. When I started I wasn’t very good at it either, but I had a natural instinct and talent for it and after a lot of repetition and practice things started to really click. I just love the feeling of being able to help people and assist them to become their better self.

That’s great!  I have to admit that helping someone else grow is even more exciting than actually growing yourself sometimes.  How did you find the book writing process? How did you keep your own motivation up while locking yourself away to produce “The Pinnacle of Motivation“?

I guess for me writing the book was just a matter of keep writing no matter what, even if I couldn’t think of something good to write, I would write anyway, I wrote a lot and ended up getting rid of maybe 90% of it but the 10% I did keep would become the book and I find this process works best for me, if I don’t feel like writing I do it anyway, if I don’t know what to write I do it anyway, even if what I write makes no sense I keep going, because I know at some point I will hit that magical point where everything is flowing and something magical comes out, sometimes it truly feels like an out of body experience, almost like somebody else is writing it for me.

That’s incredible!  You’ve almost written 9 books to get to the essence of one great one!

Can you tell us one of your hardest case? Who did you struggle to inspire?

I guess a great example is a video testimonial I have from a man named Andrew, someone who came to me in a great time of need who I am proud to now call a friend. Andrew was referred to me by a mutual friend, Andrew was in desperate trouble having gambled away a significant amount of money but the problem with that was as we discovered that gambling was his true calling, being a mathematical genius he is able to spot patterns and find amazing situations where it’s not really gambling because he knows it’s going to work. So when someone’s biggest obstacle is also their biggest advantage it becomes difficult, as an example if someone has a drinking problem well you can help them stop drinking but this case was completely different. Andrew had reached the point where he was just being silly and self-destructive, he basically knew bets would lose and would bet on them anyway instead of doing what a normal person in that situation would do which is bet on what they know is a high likelihood of winning. It took a lot of work and I had to take him in living with me so that I could fully immerse him to positivity and we implemented various plans including punishment vs reward system for positive reinforcements of winning bets etc. Long story short he’s now extremely successful and I am truly proud of who he is now, there’s quite an in depth testimonial on my Facebook page where Andrew gives his side of it.

Marcus, that’s hugely generous of you.  I feel like all of us get into bad patterns, that we know aren’t good for us but do anyway… How could a normal person maintain enthusiasm and motivation during the less fun moments of working towards their goals?

By reading my book haha I have actually specifically created chapters around different situations and scenarios in life where people need motivation. The book works on its own from start to finish which I encourage people to read the first time, but there are various chapters designed to refer back to at different stages of life. When things are going bad, it’s very rare that absolutely everything is going bad, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and focus on everything that is going right, understand that we can’t always change what happens to us we can change how we feel about it and most negatives bring with them positives even if it doesn’t seem that way and trying to find the positive out of the negative. Obviously it’s much more detailed than this but these are the basics and at my events and in my book I cover how you can do this even when you absolutely do not want to or feel like it and also how to prepare for these situations because you can guarantee bad stuff will happen in your life and if you’re prepared in advance its much easier to deal with it using autopilot instincts vs dealing with it unprepared as it happens.

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