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Scott Purcell is one of the brains behind the very cool, very slick website Man of Many.  Based in Sydney, Australia, the guys at Man of Many might seem to live one of the best lives ever… but it’s been a tough slog to get to where they are. 

Thanks so much for your time today Scott, what have you been up to so far this morning?


I’ve been trying to focus on improving my fitness in 2017 which has been a pretty hard slog if I’m honest! So I woke up early to do an abs workout and then had a breakfast meeting in the city.


Tell me, where did the idea of Man of Many come from?  What made you to chance it in a potentially over saturated Man of Many - Wine    industry, where most players are scrambling to change with the times to actual come out a winner?  The must have been some moments of nervousness for you?


Basically Frank and I used to follow a bunch of other similar blogs in the US and we’d often email each other a bunch of the cool products we’d discover online. One day we thought, instead of keeping it between ourselves, why don’t we share the gear we love on a public forum. Frank came up with the name, I worked on the coding and soon enough Man of Many was born.

But it’s quite the opposite to being over-saturated actually. The men’s online space is very unsaturated, which was a big reason behind our growth and success. There’s only a handful of successful online men’s platforms versus the female space where there’s thousands of websites, blogs and influencers, each competing to find their voice. I think part of our success also comes down to the fact we are solely an online business. We didn’t have a print publication with large overheads to deal with. This allows us to stay nimble and to focus on where people’s attention is heading, primarily online and on their smartphones. It’s only now that traditional media are playing catch up.

Man of Many - Sailing

Of course there’s also been times of nervousness but we ran the website part time for three years before we decided to pursue it full time. So it wasn’t like we were jumping into the unknown when we left our jobs. By that stage, we’d managed to build it up into a solid platform with a strong community we could rely on.


Did you ever think your life would get to a point where you were just hanging out with Cindy Crawford like it wasn’t even a thing?

Man of Many - Cindy

I wouldn’t say it wasn’t even a thing. I still have to pinch myself sometimes around celebrities like her. You often can be nervous meeting certain people but the thing you have to remember is that they are (usually) just people too. Often they are just as shy or nervous about being in the limelight and enjoy a normal conversation rather than people gloating over them.


For our readers that haven’t checked out the awesomeness, how would you describe Man of Many?  How is it different from the big players like GQ, Men’s Health, Maxim, etc?


Man of Many is committed to helping guys discover the latest in products, culture and style. We create informative, entertaining and engaging stories that excite and inspire our large audience of tastemakers, knowledge-seekers and lovers of all things cool. We deliver premium content daily via our website and social media channels.

I think each of those magazines have their own niches’. Man of Many is very consumer product focused where we like to tell stories around men’s “gear”. GQ tends to be very fashion focused. Men’s Health, on health and fitness obviously and Maxim is into beautiful women as well as some other general men’s lifestyle stories. There’s a lot of cross-over between some of the content we each produce but we just focus on that beautiful intersection of product, culture & style. We tend to focus on what we’re doing ourselves than on comparing ourselves with others.

Man of Many - Show

Personally, I kind of see main job as making sure I know what’s cool… but, how do you know what’s cool?  Do you and Frank ever disagree on something’s rating of rad?


Of course we have disagreements but that just comes down to personal tastes. There’s no right or wrong in whatever peaks your interest. We have an unwritten rule with most things we feature on the site: Either (a) it’s something that we’d use ourselves or (b) if we could afford it, it’d be something we use ourselves! The rule has tended to do us well thus far!


There is so much incredible content on Man of Many, how do you all keep on top of everything?  I assume a fair amount of work has to go into each article.  The images just by themselves are stunning.


Over the past six months working on the site full time, we’ve set up a pretty rigorous process to produce our content. We publish five stories every day but you need to remember it’s not just the two of us. We have a whole team of freelancer writers and experts who help us produce a lot of the editorial you see on the site. We’re hoping that as the site grows, so can our team to enable us to tell more engaging stories and produce better content for our readers.


Thanks again for your time today Scott, and thank you for introducing me to my new obsession, the Tigermoth Camper Trailer… I’m actually visiting Portland, Oregon at the moment, let me know if you want me to pick you up one.


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