Ian Filippini Interview

Ian Filippini is a travel writer based out of Santa Barbara. Filippini has recently launched a series of digital travel publications where he lends his years of travel experience and extensive knowledge of Santa Barbara. When he’s not traveling, Filippini is an active member of the Santa Barbara business community and enjoys trying new cuisines.

Hi Ian, thanks for your time today. I love to travel myself, I love seeing how other cultures live, I love the food and the art… what is it about traveling that really appeals to you? What motivates you to get out and explore?

There are several things that I like about traveling. When I travel it is a new experience every time, even if I go to a place I have been before. Also, when I travel it is as if I am on a trip of self-discovery. I learn something new about myself every time I leave home. Traveling to another location allows me to see different cultures and to learn new languages. Whenever I travel, I try new foods and see things I have never seen before. Above all, traveling away from home gives me a chance to just go out and party.

I am motivated to travel and explore by the prospect of breaking the everyday routine. I like to get out of work and home and see and try new things. Particularly, I like to see and do things that are once in a lifetime experiences. Traveling to locations away from home will almost ensure that you get to enjoy sights and activities that you would never enjoy at home. It is my self-assessment that I have something of wanderlust. In my opinion, it is never good for someone to stay in the same place too long. The human spirit needs new and different experiences.

I particularly love your restaurant reviews… what do you look for in a great dining experience?

When I dine out the quality of a restaurant’s beef is what tells me everything about a location. In my opinion, how good the meat is everything. Steak and potato is the first thing I look for at almost any restaurant that I visit. When the meat is good, everything else falls into line. For example, when the steak is cooked well and tastes good; I can ensure that the appetizers, deserts, and sides will all be excellent. The quality of the food also transcends to the cleanliness of the establishment and how good the service staff treats customers.

What is it about Santa Barbara that really appeals to you?

Santa Barbara offers vacation territory like no other. When you go to Santa Barbara, the “American Rivera”, the main attractions are the beach, the food, and the wine. Also, it is a good place to go shop and have a spa day.

I’ve actually never been to Santa Barbara myself, but I’d love to now. I’m really adventurous… what is the one thing I should definitely, absolutely check out in Santa Barbara?

For the ideal day in Santa Barbara, purchase some of the local wine, grown and bottled less than 50 miles from where you’ll drink it. Then, grab your favorite snacks that you combine with wine. After you’ve got your provisions, head to the beach and spend a day in the sun while eating, drinking, and enjoying the view of the Pacific.

Thanks so much for your time Ian, it’s been an absolute pleasure!

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