Eddy Mann; the musician, the songwriter, the worship leader!

We welcome Eddy Mann today who is (among many other things) a musician who brings the charm of the acoustic guitar and a message from his heart.  Thank you so much for your time today Eddy!


Eddy, I wanted to ask you first up, you write so well.  You paint a picture with your descriptions and then lead us on an emotional journey.  Have you always written so poetically or is it something you have to work hard on? 

Well first, thank you for the kind words. Writing is something I do everyday, and I’m constantly looking for new inspiration by immersing myself into all kinds of creative media. So really I’m just allowing life to happen, or flow through me, and hopefully I can share what it is I’m feeling afterwards in a lyric and or music form. Life is a work in progress for me.


Worship leading and song writing go hand in hand really well, and it’s something you do a wonderful job with… did one lead you into the other?

Yeah, I was a professional musician years before I became a worship leader. I never set out to be a worship leader, but when the opportunity to lead was presented to me I was already totally competent musically. It was an advantage to be musically ready for the challenge. It made it much easier to concentrate on the spiritual side of things, which was a new experience for me. It took a bit of time to balance those two things. I still read and study quite a bit as a lifestyle.

Eddy Mann Gig

You released your latest album The Consequence on Election Day… was that a coincidence or were you trying to infuse an uncertain time with peace and love?

I wanted to take advantage of the release to challenge people to vote, to be a part of the process, to play their part in swaying the consequence. It wasn’t a political response as much as it was an appeal to apathetic thinking. My message is always one of love and compassion, so that was present, but underscored at the time.


Your gig calendar for May is intense!  Are you excited about playing at so many different venues?

It’s always an honour and a humbling experience to have a platform to express yourself. I never take any performance for granted. Each event is different from the last. No two are ever alike. My thinking is that the next gig is always going to be the best one, because you never know if it’s going to be your last one.


Thank you so much for your time, where should people reach you if they want your some Eddy Mann peace in their life?

My website is the first place to look – eddymann.com …I can also be followed on Facebook at eddymann.musician and on twitter and Instagram at eddy_mann. Most of my catalogue is available on all the usual downloading sites.


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